Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Nagoya – Kyoto

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Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Nagoya – Kyoto

• Journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.
• Discover the majesty of Mt. Fuji.
• Explore the recreated village of Iyasi no Sato.
• Tour the Toyota Museum.
• Spend the night at a Ryokan and relax in an onsen.
• Take city tours of Tokyo and Kyoto.
• Admission fee included.


Price included:
– Entry visa to Japan.
– Saigon – Tokyo // Kyoto – Saigon round-trip tickets.
– Taxes and aviation surcharge.
– Meals included in the program.
– Sightseeing tickets in the program.
– TOPTOUR TRAVEL guide speaks Vietnamese and during the tour.
– Air-conditioned coach used in the program.

The tour price is excluded:
– Single room charge (for the single room request).
– Beverages (beer and wine in meals), telephone, laundry, excess baggage under the provisions of aviation.
– Personal spendings excluded from the program.
– Cost of date change, leg change, airplane ticket upgrade. In case you do not use the leg of the group tour, the domestic and international legs will be canceled or not using the return leg is not refund due to conditions of the airline
– Cost of your own traveling for joining delegation if you purchase only land tour.
– Tip for tour guide and local driver is about 07 USD/day/tourist

Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

my appended below.

HOTLINE 0909 709 486



Day 1

Hotel: Shinawaga Prince Hotel (4-Star) / Courtyard Marriott Ginza (4-Star) or similar

Welcome to Japan!

Upon arrival we’ll transfer you by coach to your hotel where you’ll meet your guide and check-in.

Later in the afternoon, we will pay a visit to this fascinating country by taking a trip on the metro (tickets included) to the Shinjuku district and see the crowds of people who use this modern and efficient collective transport system. Shinjuku is one of the most important nightlife districts. The visit includes an ascent to the Metropolitan Tower, which has a wonderful view of the city from the 46th floor.

We’ll enjoy dinner and then return to hotel.

NOTE: This visit may take place on day 1 or day 2 evening, depending on the passenger flight arrival times.

Day 2

Hotel: Shinawaga Prince Hotel (4-Star) / Courtyard Marriott Ginza (4-Star) or similar

In the morning, we’ll take part in a 5-hour trip with our guide to see this amazing city, with its hustle and bustle and extremely modern districts that coexist with quiet, peaceful areas.

We will pass near the walls and gardens of the Imperial Palace and visit the Shinto shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife, and their spirits. In Yasukuni Jinja shrine we will have the chance to reflect on peace in this shrine, built in remembrance of the 2.5 million Japanese citizens who lost their lives in World War II. Passengers who wish to do so can visit the War Museum.

We will pass through the district of Akihabara, the “electric town” with icons from the popular Japanese Manga and Anime culture and then see Kokugikan, the Sumo stadium, home of this Japanese sport. We will also visit the Buddhist temple of Sensoji, the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo, with its 55-metre high pagoda. Then we will have some free time to visit the traditional commercial district of Asakusa.

After lunch, you will have your free time in the afternoon.
Tips: Lunch included

Day 3

Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Kawaguchiko
Hotel: Oike Hotel Ryokan (4-Star) / Hotel Mifujien (4-Star) / Hotel Tagaogi Ryokan (4-Star) or similar

We set out for the beautiful region of Mount Fuji, passing through pretty countryside on our way. We reach the idyllic city of Kawaguchiko with its tiny houses, flowers and mountains, and its beautiful lake.

On our arrival, we will visit the Fuji Sengen Shrine set in a magical site surrounded by tall trees, and the starting point of the traditional pilgrimage to the mountain. At the shrine, we will express our thanks for being able to visit this wonderful place. The trip includes the ascent by cable car to Mount Tenjo.

The views of the neighboring lakes and Mount Fuji are spectacular. The visit also includes a delightful boat trip on Kawaguchiko Lake. After lunch, we start to ascend Mount Fuji on the road that takes us to the “fifth station”, surrounded by spectacular forests and views, to a height of 2,305 metres.

(Note: In winter, the route is frequently closed due to snow or other adverse weather conditions; during this season, we will ascend as far as the authorized point.)

Return to Kawaguchiko, with time to stroll near the lake. We will stay at a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese hotel), and have the chance to enjoy its onsen (public baths).

Tips: Traditional Japanese dinner included.

Day 4

Kawaguchiko Iyasi no Sato Nenba – Toyota – Nagoya
Hotel: Hotel Mercure Cypress (4-Star) or similar

In the morning, we continue along the pretty road bordered by lakes to Iyashi no Sato Nenba, a tiny village destroyed by a typhoon in 1966 and later restored as a traditional open-air mountain village and museum. Its traditional houses have been transformed into arts and crafts shops, restaurants and traditional museums.

We then have the opportunity to admire the Shiraito Falls, considered done of the most attractive sites in Japan, with a waterfall height of 150 metres. We will stop for lunch included in a service area and then continue to Nagoya, the third most important city of Japan, on the shores of the Pacific. Here we will visit the Toyota Musuem (admission included), a must-see for motor lovers.

Day 5

Nagoya – Kyoto
Hotel: New Miyako Hotel (4-Star) / Hotel Nikko Nara (4-Star) / Hotel Kyoto Tokyu (4-Star) or similar

We are only 130 km (81 miles) from Kyoto.

We leave at first light to spend all day in the city that was the capital of Japan from the year 794 to 1868 and home to the Imperial Court. During World War II, the city was the only major Japanese to escape the bombardments, and so it still preserves its wealth of artistic heritage; the famous protocol restricting greenhouse gas emissions was signed in Kyoto in 1997.


The visit includes a trip to one of the most important parts of the city. We will see the marvelous Shinto Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the Imperial Palace and Kinkakuji temple, “the golden pavilion” and its wonderful gardens.

Free time before visiting Gion, a busy traditional quarter famous for its Geisha.

Day 6


After breakfast, we’ll say farewell and end our tour at the hotel.


Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

my appended below.

HOTLINE 0909 709 486

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